Asad Bandeali
Strategy ● Facilitation & Coaching ● Research ● Design Thinking

About Me







Asad is a design researcher with extensive experience in product research and evaluation, strategy, and project management. Asad was working as an Improvement Advisor at Community Solutions. He was coaching community leaders across 10 cities to build a strong homelessness system to get real-time data and drive measurable reductions of clients experiencing homelessness.

In Fresno, California — Asad’s strategy and coaching led to a 50% reduction of Chronic homelessness over a 9-month period.

Before that he worked at Design Tech High School, K12 Lab at Stanford and Towards Global Learning Goals, researching the changes and impact of different education modalities in the 21st Century, such as personalized learning, project-based learning, etc. He graduated with a degree in Biological Science and a Masters in Applied Biotechnology. Additionally, He pursued a self-designed, graduate-level fellowship with Experience Institute, where he focused on experiential learning through partnerships with innovative companies in business, education, technology, and social innovation.

Asad spent 5 years volunteering as part of a Disaster Relief response team, responding to natural disaster, and training volunteers. He is passionate about using design thinking to co-create with community stakeholders, to empower and elevate the voices of the community. Leveraging his skills, he seeks to create positive social impact and give voice to the underrepresented through education and design.