Asad Bandeali
Strategy ● Facilitation & Coaching ● Research ● Design Thinking
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Community Solutions




Improvement Advisor

To end homelessness & all the conditions that create it


Industry: Homelessness [Social Service Sector]

Client: Community Solutions

Community Solutions helps communities adopt the best problem-solving tools from multiple sectors to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. We work upstream and downstream of homelessness by helping communities end it where it happens and improve the conditions of inequality that make it more likely to happen in the future, especially in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty


During my time at Community Solutions, I was a full-time employ working within the Collaborative team within Built For Zero. The collaborative team consisted of 6 FTE and 1-2 contractors. I designed the Community Support Plan process, project managed and supported the team in completing the process.


Project: Community Profile (Support Plan)

Project Goal:

  • Develop a process to capture & understand community priorities, goals, accomplishments, strengths and challenges.

  • Bring together the various agencies to discuss and generate buy-in across a singular vision of “Ending Homelessness” across the community.

Project Challenges

  • There was a short runway time to design and lunch the project.

  • Extensive support was required to schedule and capture the information from each of the 65 conversation.

  • The conversations had to be facilitated virtually through Video Calls.


  1. Collect user requirements for the Community Support Plan.

  2. Draft a process with supporting documents for each step in the process (google spreadsheet, slide deck, etc.).

  3. Review draft with leadership team for approval.

  4. Prototype the process with 3 communities in person.

  5. Incorporate feedback from the process into the design.

  6. Discuss client facing portal with the product team.

  7. Work closely with product coordinator by providing work flow and sketch.

  8. Play a supporting role during each call to capture the information for each individual community.

  9. Enter the information in the back-end to populate client facing product.

  10. Build a 6-month check-in process for the Facilitators to capture & update information with individual communities.


This project was successfully completed in a span of 45-50 days from inception of the idea to completion of over 100 hours of call time. The information captured for individual community was populated on the back-end which would populate custom designed Tableau product shown on the left. This process allowed us to introduce a new “Improvement Team” model which follows the best practices from Quality Improvement. The Team consisted of team lead(s), project lead(s), data lead(s) and champion leaders. As an improvement advisor, I was in coaching and providing support to the data and team lead(s) within each of the communities.

This process provided crucial information to Built for Zero about the profile of each community. For the community, this would be a moment when they would all sit in one room to discuss their over arching goals regardless of individual agency strategic goals. Furthermore, the strengths and accomplishment section shone light on how far the team had come.

For Built for Zero, it provided them a wealth of understanding on the direction a community is pursuing, the team that is leading the local improvement work.