Asad Bandeali
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Global Learning Models




Product Design & Marketing

Project-Based Learning


Industry: K-12 Education

Client: Global Learning Models, Chicago IL

Global Learning Models, is an experiential education design firm creating learner-centered, inquiry and project-based curriculum and professional development. GLM's framework offers students a foundation to build  is a pioneer in developing thematic project-based courses with a global essence


For this project, I was embedded within the team that consisted of the Chief learning officer, Chief technology office, director of curriculum design and subject matter experts.

The Team was high-functioning providing autonomy & support through out the span of the project.


Project Challenge & Goals

  1. Assess GLM product and processes in preparation to Scale.

  2. Facilitate adopting best practices for implementing project based curriculum for educators.

  3. Better position the product by understanding the market and propose ways to scale the business.


As a product designer, I spent time understanding project based learning (PBL) curriculum designed by the GLM team. Once familiarized with the product and process to create a PBL course, I took the lead in developing Physics course for clients.

As a product marketing specialist, I did market research to understand the competitor, product placement, and pricing.


Project-Based learning “Physics” course development process occurred in following phases.

  1. Converse with client to understand the physical science concepts to be covered in this particular module.

  2. Research topic by studying traditional concept explanation, as well as, talk to project based learning practitioners.

  3. Draft the physics content, practice problems, capstone project and align it with the educational standards.

  4. Finalize the module by adding pictures, videos, and audio files.

  5. Conduct a quality check internally.

  6. Connect with client to review the final draft, make minor adjustments.

  7. Publish the module to be used in classrooms for project-based learning as well as online education series.

Product marketing Process

  1. Do a deep dive to understand the GLM product offering.

  2. Conduct market research of similar product(s) sold to school districts.

  3. Assess the various strategies employed by competitors in bringing product to the market.

  4. Propose ways to position product in the market with suggested price points.


Chapter 3 -- Advance

As a product Designer, I was able to develop a Physics module that was strategically designed to align with the SDGs (Sustainable development goals), Social-emotional learning (SEL), and project-based learning (PBL). On the left is an image of a section of the module that goes over the value of human-centered design. This section was preparing the student to better understand the importance of building empathy while conducting their in person project.

As a marketing specialist, I was able to present to the team a proposal on how the GLM products need to be positioned in the market with possible strategies that could be employed to scale the product when the time was right. Additionally, I was involved in conversation tied to the branding of the product as well as digging into the product and service offerings for clients.

Images below are from the in-person Professional Development training held in Lansing, Michigan.